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Monday, 13 February 2012 10:01

Android application

Written by Administrator

Here are developed in part of my professional activities or leisure applications

Expense on google play


As part of my self-employed, I wanted an application on my smartphone capable of capturing my daily meals and travel. This application should be able to send at the end of the month the data for integration into accounting.

Obviously such an application does not exist where my work on this project.


Planninfication dive with nitrox or not based on the MN90 table. Logbook with display profiles

One of my activities is scuba diving. For preparations level, I decided to complete an apprenticeship, to create this application to understand the use of dive tables and decompression.

Logbook with display profiles.

Using the XML file to PC, Mac or Linux "Subsurface" Application http://subsurface.hohndel.org/fr

Save the xml file on your smatphone / tablet
Retrieve it with the application in the menu "Open Book"
and here

Use the "mutiview" (long press back key) to see another application at the same time.
For example, see the map on the GPS coordinates of the dive.



Pro Version


Deleting a profile
Send or receive a profile with another device (Smartphone or tablet ) via the application

For the 2 versions


Calculates bearings and dive time in anticipation of 2 successive and consecutive dives.

- Bearings
- Total length of lift
- GPS Group
- End time diving
- Calculation Nitrox EAN
- Diving at altitude
- Graph dives

- Instant update the interface to quickly test scenarios diving
- Display of all levels to perform
- Viewing the rise time , the total dive time and GPS
- Display of the air consumption based on the volume and pressure of the bottle and consumption
- Planning for two dives per day with management the surface interval and display the mark
- Scuba diving in the air or Nitrox , using the technique of equivalent depths
- Altitude and diving
- Display of the maximum depth for the partial pressures commonly used Nitrox
- Display of equivalent depths
- Viewing fictitious times
- Display the length and depth selected in the table
- Default settings configured in the application

Thursday, 24 February 2011 16:30

Patent INPI

Written by Fabrice Lalande


Also in my work on cryptography and steganography, we filed with Yves Burnod (1) a patent describing our idea on security and authentication of electronic documents. Using the digital graphic signature of the author as a carrier, we developed a system to authenticate the document signed with this signature where stegonography informations are included.






Teacher-researcher Inserm
Universite Pierre et Marie Curie (Paris 6)
Neuro-imaging - modeling (ANIM)
U 742 Inserm

Wednesday, 16 February 2011 16:11

Steganographie - Poem

Written by Fabrice


This is a letter from George Sand to Alfred de Musset :

Je suis très émue de vous dire que j'ai
bien compris, l'autre jour, que vous avez
toujours une envie folle de me faire
danser. Je garde un souvenir de votre
baiser et je voudrais que ce soit
là une preuve que je puisse être aimée
par vous. Je suis prête à vous montrer mon
Affection toute désintéressée et sans cal-
cul. Si vous voulez me voir ainsi
dévoiler, sans aucun artifice mon âme
toute nue, daignez donc me faire une visite
Et nous causerons en amis et en chemin.
Je vous prouverai que je suis la femme
sincère capable de vous offrir l'affection
la plus profonde et la plus étroite
Amitié, en un mot, la meilleure amie
que vous puissiez rêver. Puisque votre
âme est libre, alors que l'abandon où je
vis est bien long, bien dur et bien souvent
pénible, ami très cher, j'ai le coeur
gros, accourez vite et venez me le
fait oublier. À l'amour, je veux me sou-

A priori, if you do not understand that this letter hides an another one, it's beautiful, full of poetry ...

Now read the first line and then a line on two ...

It is means :

I am very excited to tell you that I always have a mad desire to fuck and I want it to be by you. I'm ready to show you my ass. If you want to see me naked and, therefore, deign to visit me I will prove that I am the woman the deepest and the narrowest you can dream. Since your screw is very long, very hard and often large, come soon and come to make it in me.

Alfred de Musset replied :

Quand je vous jure, hélas, un éternel hommage
Voulez-vous qu'un instant je change de langage
Que ne puis-je, avec vous, goûter le vrai bonheur
Je vous aime, ô ma belle, et ma plume en délire
Couche sur le papier ce que je n'ose dire
Avec soin, de mes vers, lisez le premier mot
Vous saurez quel remède apporter à mes maux.

Read the first words :

When I swear to you, alas, an eternal tribute
Do-you want a moment I change language
What can I do with you taste the true happiness
I love you, my pretty, and my pen in delirium
sleep on paper what I dare say
With care, my verses, read the first word
You know what remedy to my ills.

Similarly George Sand replied:

Cette grande faveur que votre ardeur réclame
Nuit peut-être à l'honneur mais répond à ma flamme.

This great enthusiasm for your calls
Night may be in the spotlight but meets my flame.


Wednesday, 16 February 2011 16:07

Steganographie - The Adventure of the Dancing Men

Written by Fabrice

The Adventure of the Dancing Men

The Adventure of the Dancing Men

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

In the novel «The Adventure of the Dancing Men» Sherlock Holmes, the heros of Conan Doyle, ehe is confronted with the code of "Dancing Men". It's actually a simple substitution monoalphabetic, each letter being represented by a small stick figure. This figure, designed for use in the street with chalk drawing short messages on the walls, had an obvious interest: a person uninitiated might confuse it with children's drawings. It is therefore a form of steganography.

Les hommes dansant 1

Les hommes dansant 2

Fille d'Agammemnom, c'est moi qui la premiere,
Seigneur vous appelai de ce doux nom de pere;
Jean Racine (Iphigenie)

Above is an implementation of the code of "Dancing Men".

Compared to figures like Pigpen or the Templars, the only originality that of men - apart from his childlike appearance - that is to represent the last letter of each word, add a small flag in his face.

Cryptography has inspired many other writers. One can certainly think the "Gold Bug" by Edgar Allan Poe but also to the "Code Rebecca" by British author Ken Follett.




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Tuesday, 15 February 2011 18:41

BRM Oracle - Opcodes Description

Written by Fabrice


in progress




Document purpose

Referenced documents



Opcode Structure



The main routine

Function to call corresponding action opcode and updates status.

Tool introduction


Open tool


The first part

The main function part




Create call opcode function

Read field function

Read Object function

Work flow wizard




Tool introduction


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